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A truly beautiful Range Rover came through the Serpa Automotive Boutique this week. It was quite an unusual model: a full size 2016 HSE 3.6 turbo diesel, boasting 254 hp and 443 pd/ft of torque, w...Read More

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  All of us at the Serpa Automotive Boutique wish you a restful and Happy Victoria Day. It’s time to enjoy friends and family–and to relax as the good weather starts....Read More

  Here is an example of the remarkable vehicles we are sourcing for our customers. The Land Rover SVR wasn’t with us very long but what a car, designed and engineered by Special Vehicle Operati...Read More

It’s a such a special weekend, we wanted to be the first to say Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you to our mothers and all moms everywhere!...Read More

We will be there with Serpa Automotive Boutique vehicles!...Read More

From all of us at Serpa Automotive Boutique to you and your family, all the best…...Read More

Our 2015 Porsche 911 4S didn’t last very long! SOLD within 2 hours! Driving away with: 350 @ 7,400 rpm Horsepower 287 @ 5,600 rpm Torque...Read More


Happy Passover and “hag sameach” to our many Jewish friends. We hope you enjoy your Seders this week!...Read More

Auto bays in Serpa blue!...Read More