Consignment Vehicle Services

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Consignment Vehicle Services

Looking to sell your vehicle for top dollar, without any hassle? Look no further!

Welcome to the Serpa Automotive Boutique Consignment Vehicle Services information page. If you want to sell your fine auto (but only for a fine price) without giving up ownership, we are certain this is what you are looking for.

How the Serpa Consignment Program works:

Your precious vehicle resides on our lot, along with other comparable vehicles, to be shown to prospective buyers at all hours by experienced Serpa Boutique customer service experts. You are free from having to answer phone calls or emails, and you don’t give up your personal information or residence location. We qualify the buyers who don’t ever learn your identity, a good protective step when a high quality vehicle is involved.

We discuss a price range for an eventual sale; what you’d like ideally and what would be the bottom line. Our representatives may make a sale only in that range; something like ‘stop-loss’ order in the stock market. If there is a firm offer below your range we contact you to see if you might agree or not; your choice. In addition, you do not give up ownership there is an agreed upon sale price; we then purchase your vehicle that day. We are responsible for the sale, not you. If the contract is over and there isn’t a buyer for your vehicle, it’s yours to drive away or have our auto carrier deliver back to your home. Another option of course, would be to trade it in or sell it to us.

We also take all necessary steps to enhance the sale, something to owner cannot really do.

  • We fully detail the vehicle
  • We professionally photograph the vehicle for all online advertising
  • We store the vehicle in a climate controlled showroom or on our secure lot
  • We provide full vehicle history reports via, along with all applicable lien details (if any)
  • Test drives are only conducted upon the permission of the seller and never unaccompanied

The retail value is arrived at carefully as well.

Our experienced and knowledgeable managers appraise your vehicle and we discuss all its relative details and then we complete all necessary background work. If agreed upon, a consignment agreement is completed and signed by both the owner and by Serpa Automotive Boutique. The vehicle is then inspected by our certified mechanics to determine if repairs are needed and to ensure it meets all Ontario safety standards. If work is necessary, of course an estimate will be provided.

Then, it’s a win-win for you and the Boutique. We do what we do best, the presentation and sale of fine cars to a discerning audience and you can go about your day knowing the vehicle you love is safe, secure and will be presented in the best possible light. You wouldn’t sell a home without an agent – and buyers don’t know your identity there either – and given your busy schedule, you don’t really have the bandwidth and shouldn’t meet with strangers who say they are interested in your vehicle.

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