The Mercedes Benz 2018 C63s AMG Coupe: a review by Stefano Serpa

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The Mercedes Benz 2018 C63s Coupe: a review by Stefano Serpa

by Stefano Serpa, General Manager, Serpa Automotive Boutique

Having driven some very high performance vehicles such as the BMW M4 coupe and M3 sedan, and the Porsche 911 Targa, even spending time on the track with them, I can say unquestionably that no vehicle has ever put a smile on my face like the AMG C63 S coupe. Mercedes ‘dug deep’ to make this aggressively tuned ‘voluptuous’ machine. When I get behind the wheel, it’s so exciting that it’s as if I was six again on Christmas Day. A major perk of this business is driving manufacturers’ best vehicles but the “glorious” sound of the V8 bi turbo –what Car and Driver called ‘obnoxiously noisy” makes me forget about any vehicle I have driven, constantly taking the long way to the office and home every night. Hats off to Mercedes Benz AMG division for building a perfectly engineered vehicle. (Listen to the ignition sound here: C63S starter button).

What makes the C63 S so exciting is its AMG 4.0 litre V8, generating 503hp and reaching 0-100km in 3.9 seconds. The regulated top speed is 250km, and the interior is stunning with its two tone Nappa leather and classic red stitching (to match the red brake calipers). The engine’s bi-turbo system is distinct in that the two chargers are located not on the outside of the cylinder banks but between them, in the V formed by the cylinders—the ‘hot inner V’ as the experts call it. This allows a compact engine design and of course a more spontaneous, no lag turbo blast. Steering effort is light on-center, but effort builds quickly and response is nearly instantaneous. The sport buckets provide superb support in every direction, and it has ‘an expressive vehicle face and an overall stance that conveys the commanding nature of the vehicle.’

It is different than the still incredible C63, with its 469 hp. The S version adds the option of carbon-ceramic brake discs on the front axle and replaces the mechanical limited-slip differential with an electronically controlled unit. It also augments the mode selector with a Race setting to relax the stability control, stiffen the dampers, and sharpen the shifts beyond Sport+. Either version provides the best in class anywhere on the globe. If you are a true vehicle aficionado, it’s something you must take a look at. Hope to hear from you.