Serpa Lease Advisory Division

The Serpa Automotive Boutique has launched an important new service, the Serpa Lease Advisory Division.

The Lease Advisory has been set up to handle all aspects of vehicle lease and finance—from beginning to end. Vehicle leasing can be worrisome—but we take the worry out of it. We find the best vehicles, help arrange the most favourable leases, with the best terms and conditions—and the most protection for lease end. We also help people terminate leases early, if they need to get out of them, or are ready for a new vehicle or wish to take over someone else’s lease. We also advise on purchase options, including appraisals.

At lease end, which can be an anxious time, we take our clients through all aspects of lease end, and advise on just what to do to prepare for an inspection. We also provide paint and collision repair and update for imperfect car bodies typically more cost effective when compared to lease maturity statements (through Serpa Collision Service Centre)

Talk to us about how we can help. We are experts in this part of the auto business, too. With our background in helping people obtain leases at our dealerships, we are best suited to obtain or get out of them with ease – and to our customers’ advantage.