Diana Russo

Where do I start!!
It took me a while to finally decide that it was time to give up my old car and purchase a new car. I went back and forth contemplating if it was the right decision for me at this time, of course with COVID and so many uncertainties in the world right now. I took a leap and I went to Serpa’s. This was probably one of the best decisions i have EVER made. Stefano was full of information and he provided me with so much knowledge to all my questions… and I had many! He was patient and kind and really took the time to let me know all my options, prices, styles and extra add ons. I am now a proud owner of a beautiful Audi Q3 and I couldn’t be more happy. It is the perfect car for me. Exterior, interior.., EVERYTHING; all because of Stefano! I highly recommend Stefano and everyone at Serpa Automotive to book an appt. if they are looking or even thinking of purchasing a new vehicle. You will not regret it!!