May Ma

Client Relationship Manager (Mandarin Speaking)


We’d like you to get to know May Ma, our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking Sales Associate at the Serpa Automotive Boutique. She is someone who is the automotive industry because she ‘loves cars, ‘ by her own admission. Born in Xian, China, home of the ‘terra cotta warriors,’ a world heritage site, May emigrated to Los Angeles at the age of 18 and then moved to Toronto with her Canadian husband. Her background is in finance, holding degrees in that subject from both China’s Jinan University as well as a master’s from Pepperdine near LA. May was working at a dealership downtown when the Boutique opened and as an Aurora resident would drive by and wonder about the place. Being in the industry she says she had heard of the Serpa name and its great reputation for customer service. She came in to see us and we knew she was the one for us. We have many Asian customers and now we have someone who can talk their languages, and English, too. At home, she has two dogs, a Corgi and a German Shepherd; she enjoys working out, hiking and running. In addition, she and her husband love basketball and have season tickets to the Raptors! Her sales philosophy is ‘to be transparent and build trust, which results in a long-term relationship.” We certainly agree with that and hope you enjoy talking to May soon.

(905) 841-7377