On August 1st , we’ll be launching a complete service department at the Serpa Automotive Boutique. This new development completes the Boutique’s Any Car. Anytime. Anywhere. promise to offer the most complete vehicle service in the industry—from purchases and leases, collision repair, lease advisory, financing, warranty administration for repairs and now our own service department on site.

Our motto of Respect Trust Enjoy also applies in service and parts; we provide quick and efficient service to our busy clients. We do everything we can to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our goal is to make your experience as convenient as possible with ultimate respect to your time and busy schedule.

Richard Yeung named as service department manager

Named to head the department is Richard Yeung, a ‘master-certified service advisor,’ who has a complete education in all aspects of vehicle service, and is himself a Centennial College Automotive Mechanics graduate, with more than a decade’s experience in leading brands’ service departments. The SAB Service department can work on any make and any model, from supercars to every day vehicles.

“We are so proud to have someone of Richard Yeung’s caliber join the Serpa Automotive Boutique,” said Boutique VP and General Manager Stefano Serpa. “His experience as a master service advisor will bring something unique and special to the Boutique experience.”

The Serpa Automotive Boutique, a new concept in automotive retailing, provides the ultimate luxury: saving precious time in vehicle purchases. It specializes in hard-to-find, in demand pre-owned luxury marques and rare models. The Boutique performs the difficult work of vehicle research, obtaining the best purchase terms and often faster delivery.